The US Equity Market

The US Equity Market

The US Equity Market : Are all the indicators saying that the US equity markets have reached their bottom? Yes, this is probably the best time to trade the Forex market.

Question? How can I benefit from this market right now?

Answer: The US equity markets areMoreThan 10% of the total volume traded in the world. The US Equity market accounts for about 3.5% of all currency trades. 유류분반환청구 소송

If you are trying to figure out how to spend your time in this volatile market then you are probably asking once the US equity markets bottom out and turn around.

I believe the answer is simple… Trade the Less risky currencies.

Now you may have to get a currency course… or if you have traded the currency market long enough then you may have developed a proprietary trading system… either way you should be able to trade a safer currency like the EUR/USD for example.

But my suggestion is that you trade more often than you would trade the actual stock market.

Why is that?

Because you are taking less risk when you trade the less risky currencies.

I have been wrong… lots of times!

I decided to try the Euro/NZD for a short while.

I deposited $500 and thought I would give it a go.

I am not the frugal type so I put it into a local bank to see what happened. I figured if I made enough interest to fuel my living for a while that I would be OK. I wasn’t prepared for the shock of this market… in fact I was so surprised that I just put it away and forgot about it for a few days.

I can tell you now that in the Forex markets the same thing could happen to me. But the banks all over the world are engaged in the business of money.

When you agree to trade the Forex you are entering into a contracts to perform. You know as well as I do that you are entering into a job that banks and corporations decide upon because they make money from you, by which I mean they take the risk out of the equation.

When you are in a trade you feel like you are gambling on a high stakes table.

You know during certain times you will win back your money and at other times you will lose.

Personally I am an Rationalist and like to minimize risk. I prefer to thought every possible risk but I will accept the fact that someone always does.

That is why I suggest that is why I am in the currency market because I choose to accept the risk.

Question: What is the strategy on how I safest maintain my equity intact in these difficult times?

Answer: I do not trade during the opening session on the Forex. In fact during the US stock market blips and the opening session of the London market actually eat up the whole day that the Forex market is open.

I am willing to wait until the transaction volume drops off prior to trading.

The reason is that I am expecting large banks to intensify their trading activity during the opening session and strong signal vehicles to move large amounts of aggregate traders to this market.

Then I can exchange a currency that I Persons for dollars or learn to live with the fledgling, fledgling markets.


I chose the Tokyo Forex before the London market because these markets were much smaller.

Question: What is the difference between the transactions in the Euro/Dollar and the alternate currency rate between EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF?

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